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Pro Social Update


The Pro Social update includes an all-new unique reward system, new enemies, new player and enemy animations, gamepad support, bug fixes and much more!

Pro Social System

The Pro Social System is designed to reward players for making healthy choices while playing Imperatum. There is no penalties for not making healthy choices and the Pro Social System is completely optional. The 2 new mechanics are:

Playing during the day: When players play during the day instead of pulling all-nighters, they earn a buff that gives more loot and higher chance at rare loot.

Walking for 5 minutes every hour: Players that take a break and walk for 5 minutes every hour are also rewarded with a buff that gives more loot and higher chance at rare loot.

New Cultist Enemy

The cultist enemies like to gang up on their prey. Blast them into the afterlife with your weapon of choice.

New Animations

New animations have been added to the main character and monsters.

Full Pro Social Update Patch Notes

  • Added Pro Social system
  • Added Gamepad support
  • Added a new Cultist enemy model
  • Added several monster and player animations
  • Improved ground loot floaty text by adding a highlight glow on hover and stacking for large piles of loot
  • Added a fix for Item Quality and Item Quantity
  • Added a red flashing effect around the screen to serve as a low health warning

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