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    Upcoming fixes(initially on a biweekly patch schedule with emergency patches introduced as needed):

    Fix broken crafting components

    Finish and update quest arcs including epic quests

    Fix skills not working correctly

    Fix save bugs

    Performance optimization for GPU’s

    Performance optimization in levels

    Balances and tweaks(Normal game balancing that will be introduced both in regular patch cycles as well as content patches):

    Tweaking and updating the checkpoint system and adding intra level checkpoints

    Tweak the item drop rates

    Tweak mob health and damage

    Tweak skill and weapon damage

    Major systems and content (released on a monthly to quarterly basis):

    Item stash – will allow item transfer between characters

    Modular item crafting system – will allow players to modify affixes on items individually

    More dynamic boss mechanics – currently bosses have a fixed set of abilities. This will add boss mechanics on par to similar games like POE and D3.

    Player areas/ship hideout – A communal meeting area like housing where you can store trophies and request missions

    New main character – been in the works for the last couple months. The new character will be much higher quality and include 3 initial modular armor sets.

    Area name popups when you enter area – important for larger zones especially where the player will need to know the areas to properly utilize the checkpoint system.

    3 new modular armor sets – go with the new main character and will bring the total armor sets up to 4.

    Mission 2 City World – a vast city that covers the entire planet

    Group multiplayer – the first step to bigger and better multiplayer systems. We have something special in mind for you guys after this is in. Stay tuned!

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