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    Transparent Communication

    At Pro Social Games, we treat communication with the community as a priority. We love hearing your feedback especially about your experience with the game.

    Development Ideology

    The purpose of this forum is for us to open topics on specific issues that we’re working on so that we can explain how and why we’re going to work. It’s also a great place to discuss specific design philosophies that we base many of our decisions around. Please note that there are still plenty of topics that will be posted! And we will update the road map thread frequently as new features and fixes are patched in and more is added to the backlog.

    How Updates Will Work

    Initially, this forum will be updated by adding more topics. As they become out of date, we’ll update the existing posts to make sure that they always accurately reflect our current line of thinking on those issues. When there’s a meaningful update to a post, I’ll mention it in the daily news.

    Explanations in Patch Notes

    Our patch notes will include a great deal of detailed explanations of changes we make. A lot of thinking goes into any re-balancing that we do, so we’re going to be as detailed about this process as possible. In some cases, a rebalance may be foreshadowed by a post in this forum, so that people are aware of it in advance.

    Weekly News

    Leading up to release we will begin posting an update in the news section. Sometimes it will be about a new game feature, other times it’s about an upcoming patch. Hopefully you guys will enjoy this and always we look forward to hearing your feedback.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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