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Crypto Update


The Crypto update brings an all-new level to Volantis City, difficulty options, and a unique Bitcoin mode that scales loot drops, enemy difficulty and more based off of the real-time change in the value of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Mode

Bitcoin mode changes the fundamental elements of Imperatum based off of the changes in value to Bitcoin. For example, if the value of Bitcoin jumps up a fair amount, you’ll see more loot drops with higher chances of rare loot, along with more difficult enemies. On the other hand, if the value of Bitcoin drops substantially, so does the loot and enemies get weaker.

All-New Indoor Office Added to Volantis City

The new indoor office area should add around 15 to 25 minutes of added content with new quests and areas to explore.

Added Difficulty Levels

Find the perfect level of difficulty with the newly added difficulty options. Want to have some extra fun? Try the newly added Bitcoin mode that dynamically changes the difficulty of Imperatum (among other elements) based off of the real-time change in the value of Bitcoin.

Full Crypto Update Patch Notes

  • Added a new drone tower enemy model
  • Created a new audio transition system to seamlessly transition music as you traverse the levels
  • Fixed some bugs with AI navigation
  • Serialized all the text in the game so that it can be localized in any language
  • Fixed a bug preventing players from exiting to the main menu
  • Added a pause when a quest window pops up so you can read without worrying about monsters hitting you
  • Scaled the music slider so it will be more responsive
  • Changed how targeting works to eliminate situations where you attack but it doesn’t register
  • Hooked up new audio for the marksmen skills
  • Fixed an issue with weapons firing at random angles
  • Capped the range at which ground loot will display to increase performance
  • Fixed a few incorrect tooltips
  • Set the affix and skill tiers to be level 1-10, 11-20 and 21-30 to give players access to the level-gated skills sooner
  • Mana reserved from toggleable skills now shows on tooltip
  • Fixed a bug where the companion would think you are still in combat and not allow you to complete quests
  • Teleport strike does damage again!

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