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More than five centuries ago mankind dusted off of our blue marble in search of adventure, exploration and conquest.  We colonized our solar system, mastered the void of space and terraformed alien worlds to be our homes.  But we did not stop there.  Like any successful species we spread until our colonies covered most of the Milky Way.  However, in all of our travels we never found another sentient race.

Then something began that we couldn’t explain.  Our faster than light communication on the fringe of the galaxy stopped working and the worlds started going dark.  All efforts to isolate the source of the anomaly were in vain and the disruption of communications spread.

The worlds under this veil, without central governance and drastically reduced trade, fell into anarchy.  Civil wars erupted and planets were scoured of life.  And the veil continued to spread.

The source of the veil, a black hole seemingly navigating under it's own accord, breached the Milky Way and from it we encountered the Spooks.  These alien energy beings wielded mastery of the universe far beyond our understanding.  Everywhere these beings appeared human life was snuffed out.

Our champions enter the stage in this dark time for the Imperium.  Danger and opportunity abound amidst the collapse of order and pervasive fear of the Spooks.  Do you have what it takes to stand up to the Spooks and save the universe?



  • Easily approachable interface – Imperatum is designed to be easy to play right from the beginning. The intuitive interface gives players easy access to a rich and varied world.
  • Modular Skills - Fuse skills together to add powerful new abilities.
  • Useful Currency – Gone are the days where you collect gold until it loses it's meaning.  All currency in Imperatum is used in crafting or purchasing build enhancing items from faction vendors.
  • Companion – Players will befriend a companion during the main story. Companions will store items, recycle unused or unwanted items into crafting currencies, and help narrate and progress quests.
  • Character Classes – Players will create and customize a character. As they increase in power they will be provided further choices to tailor their skill sets.  
  • Meaningful Loot – Tired of seeing one hundred swords in a row while playing a wizard? Players will benefit from a loot system that uses the characters build as a template to guide what items drop.  More useful loot for you, and an easy to use loot filter to find the items you want out of the hoards dropped during game play.
  • Pro social mechanics – Pro Social Games strives to provide in game choices and incentives that promote pro health and pro social choices outside of the game.