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Roadmap and Recent Events

Hey all we haven’t posted news for a while but there have been a lot of exciting changes and events over the last couple months.

First off, we won the Microsoft Dream.Build.Play competition for PC game  https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/projects/campaigns/dream-build-play-challenge

A big thanks goes to the development team and also the fans, especially those that spent some of their time providing crucial feedback as we go through the early access process.  This is our first title and we really appreciate hearing about how we can make things better and provide the kind of experience that you are looking for so thanks!

We will also be attending E3 this year so if you’re interested in saying hi just drop us a line!

Finally, let’s talk about the road map for the game.  We have all of the features in for the base game that we were looking to include…and a whole lot more.  Most of the major bugs have been fixed.  There is lots of fun polish going on right now.  But the point of this is we are looking to move out of EA soon so keep an eye out for an announcement 🙂

We will also be porting the game to Xbox soon, with the other consoles in the works.  We will announce an official date for this when we get one from Microsoft.

Anyway just wanted to provide a quick update since we’ve been heads down on the project for a while.  Stay tuned for more!

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