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Patch 5 – The Crypto Update is Now Available

The Crypto Update brings us new features, content and a new unique Bitcoin mode. For all the details, check out the Crypto Update landing hub. The patch notes can be viewed below:

Patch notes:

  • Added a new drone tower enemy model
  • Created a new audio transition system to seamlessly transition music as you traverse the levels
  • Fixed some bugs with AI navigation
  • Serialized all the text in the game so that it can be localized in any language
  • Fixed a bug preventing players from exiting to the main menu
  • Added a pause when a quest window pops up so you can read without worrying about monsters hitting you
  • Scaled the music slider so it will be more responsive
  • Changed how targeting works to eliminate situations where you attack but it doesn’t register
  • Hooked up new audio for the marksmen skills
  • Fixed an issue with weapons firing at random angles
  • Capped the range at which ground loot will display to increase performance
  • Fixed a few incorrect tooltips
  • Set the affix and skill tiers to be level 1-10, 11-20 and 21-30 to give players access to the level-gated skills sooner
  • Mana reserved from toggleable skills now shows on tooltip
  • Fixed a bug where the companion would think you are still in combat and not allow you to complete quests
  • Teleport strike does damage again!

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