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Patch 2 is live!

The second patch for Imperatum is live. Thanks to everyone who have helped us get this far. This patch was a bit of a spicy one and we’ve added some new content and features we believe you’ll enjoy.

Patch notes:

Added the Lava World intro mission.

Added destructible objects including barrels, chests and quest objectives.

Added cut scenes to give additional story context.

Added an autosort button in the Inventory panel.

Added a bar of buff icons to show the Player’s current status effects.

Added a new currency which raises the item level of an item to the Player’s current level.

Mousing over enemies while holding down Left Mouse no longer picks them up as targets.

Modified the Main Mission quest to drop Sonic Generators as quest items instead of checking Kill targets. Several boss enemies from around the Desert level drop them instead of enemies in the worm pit.

Reduced game file size.

Preloaded and pooled a variety of game elements to increase performance.

Added fields to both the Player Stats and Companion Panels for renaming both characters.

Reduced loot and combat text size. Loot also has a new border.

Two Handed Weapons now show a shadow of the item in the offhand weapon slot to show that both slots are occupied.

Many enemies and scenes have received texture updates.

New Zone Portals have been created to give a more natural feel to transistions between levels.

Balancing changes to weapons and mobs.

Fixed an exploit where hot swapping Stims would reset the cooldown on Stim Skills. Stims now cannot be unequipped if their Stim Skill is on cooldown.

Quest rewards now scale to Player’s level when the quest is turned in.

Fixed a case where a mandatory Quest could be declined.

Hit point and psychic now show values over 1000 correctly.

Essence Siphon has been fixed.

Scaled champion regen affix from 300% down to 10%.

Fixed numerous issues with transistions to previous levels.

Fixed several null references that caused crashes.

Added the name of the Level the savefile loads into to the savefile descriptions.

Added new audio tracks and gameplay sounds.

Fixed some sizing issues with the Options menu.

Replaced several low quality models in the intro and city zones.

Fixed a bug with the Undo button allowing you to get negative skill points.

Fixed a bug with stims not healing the correct percent of health.

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