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Patch 1 Notes

  • Added new Crashed Ship dungeon to the Desert map.
  • Added a persistent Stash to store additional items.
  • Reduced the size of targeting colliders on many enemies.
  • Improved mechanics of shooting at enemies at a lower or higher elevation.
  • Enemy Damage and Health scaling increased by 20%.
  • Amount of Psychic Shield on armor reduced.
  • Activating a Stim skill will no longer interrupt basic attacks.
  • Once a currency is clicked and attached to your cursor, you can right click open space to remove it.
  • Fixed the main menu to work with any resolution.
  • Improved the descriptions of Stim abilites in their item tooltips.
  • Improved the sizing of text in item tooltips.
  • Reformatted the Health, Shield, and Psychic text UI. Additionally, they can be toggled on and off in the options menu.
  • Reduced the size of the Minimap and Active quest UI elements.
  • Several UI elements (minimap, enemy health bar, etc) no longer block mouse input
  • Added a highlight to the Skill and Character buttons on the side bars. These highlights activate when you have Skill or Stat points to spend.
  • Added new minimap icons for Quest Kill Target, Quest Interact Object, Quest Zone Portal, and improved the old icons for Quest Available, Quest Turn In, and Zone Portal.

  • Pooled AudioSources.
  • Automatically pre-load projectiles and any effects tied to them, reducing stutters at the start of gameplay.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an error with a specific shader which prevented Behind_Geo Shaders from activating when they were occluded by certain objects.
  • After dying with a skill toggled on, you respawn with the skill toggle off.
  • Void Shurikens visual effect now matches the rotation and size of the skill
  • Can no longer walk through a number of objects on mutliple levels.
  • Hitting and killing an enemy in one hit will correctly aggro enemies nearby.
  • Improved colliders of large enemies such that melee attacking them will not place the you inside of their model.
  • Fixed Master of Elements tool tip.
  • Blackhole was hitting some of the affected enemies multiple times.
  • Improvements to colliders in multiple levels to prevent the player from teleporting into areas they should not be able to access.
  • Addressed issue with Elite enemies spawning without their elite monster affix added to their name.
  • Targeting overlay was not always appearing when using skills.
  • Reduced the size of terrain and objects which would clip between the Player and the camera in certain areas.
  • Flamethrower visual effect properly emits from the weapon and correctly matches the area in which damage is dealt.
  • Fixed a bug where your Secondary weapon could be deleted if both Inventory and Companion Inventory were full, you were dual weilding, and equipped a two-hand weapon.
  • Essence Siphon correctly affects enemies and plays visual effect.
  • Ground loot floaty texts were wobbling after a Teleport Strike.
  • Fixed the coloring of the minimap on certain maps.

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