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This is a bit delinquent but wanted to do a brief recap on PAX East and an update on all the new features we’ve added over the last month.

We had no idea what PAX was going to be like going in.  We did our best to research and plot out how the booth would be laid out.  What we would need etc.  But all the planning and guesswork in the world will never fully prepare you for the real thing.

Being as we are based in DC we ended up driving the 8 hours up to Boston.  It’s really 10 if you take breaks or hit any of the major traffic areas on the way up.  But we made it and crashed early to wake up and prep the next morning.

If you haven’t been to PAX or another major show before the vendors and exhibitors are allowed in a few hours early to set up, check out the other booths, talk to press and get ready for a deluge of people.

And by deluge, I mean deluge!  Friday was the lightest of the three days with 10-20k people.  On Saturday and parts of Sunday there was standing room only in the main hall and parts of the side halls.  The line for the taco truck outside was over 150 people.  Reading about 80,000 people attending these events and trying to visualize it is difficult.  It’s something you have to see for yourself.

We weathered the weekend, taking turns manning the book and checking out the hall.  Overall we got almost 200 email sign ups out of roughly similar number of players and 35 feedback forms.  I want to give a special thank you to everyone that filled out the feedback forms.  Elaborating on the game systems that you like and dislike and providing metrics we can track and see if we are going in the right direction is invaluable.  Thanks again!

Those feedback forms and discussions with the players helped shape where we put our effort in the last couple of months.

As a result we made a number of game changes and additions:

-Added a few tweaks to the UI and combat system

-Expanded the skill system to 48 skills over 3 classes

-Changed the camera slightly to be more inline with other ARPG’s

-Modified the quest system and added more UI notifications and highlights to give players visual cues

-Fixed all of the bugs that were found

-Created new visual effects to replace the ones that were missing or not well liked

-Spawned new custom mobs to create more threat diversity in the game

And we’ve been working on 3 new maps for added content including a 2km open desert map with about 3 hours of content in it alone.

We hope you all will enjoy the game when we demo it next and open up the beta and early access.

A big thanks from the Imperatum team!

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